Digital referendums closer and closer, the executive decree was signed

The platform that will allow the electronic collection of subscriptions for referendums is one step away from becoming a reality, as it is the news of the past hours that the executive decree related to its operation to save and validate subscriptions has been signed, which will also include the possibility of signing not only the referendum proposals but also on popular initiative bills. The Ministry of Innovation has officially announced this, explaining that the decree has been evaluated by both the privacy guarantor and the Ministry of Justice, so once the registration is complete, the next step will be publishing in the Official Gazette with which it will take the platform fully operational. The dedicated access portal will be divided into a private and public area, ensuring access to three different types of users: promoters, those who want to sign a referendum proposal and/or a popular law and finally the staff of the Court of Cassation. The Minister of Innovation explained that the platform will ensure the complete digitization of each process, in compliance with the safety requirements stipulated by law. Thanks to the integration into the National Resident Population Registry (ANPR) for electoral lists managed by municipalities, the platform will ensure automatic verification of voter qualification. The private area is what interests us most and will allow promoters to manage polls and get updated subscription data. Promoters will be able to choose to register a referendum or popular initiative act, upload it, verify it and, if all is well, start with the actual collection of signatures. The general area will allow citizens to review bills or referendum proposals, whether they are valid or expired, and have additional information on the trend of numbers needed to reach a quorum. Citizens entitled to vote will be accessed through a digital identification system, such as a Spid or an electronic ID card, which will have the same validity as a paper document. At the moment the platform is being updated, and this is a necessary step to introduce the latest changes considered in the executive decree, which will eventually lead to the full operation of the platform.

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