4 Different And Easy Ways To Clear WordPress Cache

Page loading speed has become important for webmasters especially since Google started using it as a ranking factor. People use different techniques to ensure their interfaces are served quickly to interested users. One such method used by website owners to speed up their entities is caching.

It involves storing a static version of the website on the server that is then provided to users in their browsers. WordPress website owners can use multiple options to enable the feature on their interfaces.

However, there can be some situations when they need to clear WordPress cache. In this article, we are discussing the methods that different types of users can employ to clear their cache. 

What is Caching?

As mentioned before, caching involves storing the static copies of a page on your browser or server. The files that are chosen for static saving are usually those that do not undergo regular modifications.

Instead of loading the entire page whenever it is requested, the server now presents the saved copy in lesser time. This speeds up the rendering of a page in the browser leading to a satisfying user experience.

However, there are certain situations when you need to clear the cache. This requirement can arise when modifications are made to the interface’s content or design.

Let’s say you are a WordPress web designer who writes a post on his blog about the best themes this year. After some time, you find out that one product has been discontinued by its maker.

Now, if the cache is not cleared, the audience will continue to see the old version of the content. Flushing your cache also becomes necessary after a theme or plugin update so that all the new changes are visible to visitors.

How WordPress Users Can Clear Cache?

We will now discuss how WordPress users can clear cache.

1. Clearing Browser Cache

 Browsers have in-built caching capabilities that they use to save elements like JavaScript and stylesheets. Here are the methods to clear the cache on some major browsers.

i. Google Chrome

Click on the three-dot icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser. Now hover the cursor over the More tools and then select the Clear browsing data option. 


A new box titled Clear browsing data will now be launched. Select the time range and make sure that the box against the Cached images and files option is ticked. Press the Clear data button to complete the process.

clear cache

ii. Mozilla Firefox

Click on the hamburger menu in the top right-hand corner and choose Options. 


Go to the Privacy section and hit the Clear your recent history link. 


Select Everything in the Time range to clear dropdown and press the Clear Now tab. 

clear all history

This will purge the cache of your browser.

iii. Opera 

In the Opera browser, the menu button is located in the top left-hand corner. Click the tab and then select Settings. 


On the next screen, select the Privacy & Security option. In the Privacy section, hit the Clear browsing data tab. 

A pop up will appear where you must choose the beginning of time option in the dropdown. Make sure the Cached images and files box is checked and then press Clear browsing data to complete the process. 

clear data

2. Clearing WordPress Plugin Cache

In this section of our post on how to clear WordPress cache, we will see how to purge the cache of some popular WordPress caching plugins.

i. WP Super Cache

One of the most popular products with over 2 million active installations is WP Super Cache. In case, you use this tool, then you can flush the cache easily. Go to Settings in the admin dashboard and then select WP Super Cache. You will now see the Delete Cache button on the new screen. Hit it to complete the process.

wp super cache

ii. W3 Total Cache 

Another popular tool in this segment is the W3 Total Cache. People who use this plugin must locate the Performance option in their control panel and then click on Dashboard. Now locate the empty all caches tab in the “Perform a” section and hit it. This will purge the cache.

wp total data

3. Clearing CDN Cache

Content Delivery Networks are popular services for speeding up the serving of web pages. Here we will show you how to conduct the process in CloudFlare CDN. Access your account on the service and select your website.

Now select the Caching tab in the menu on the top. Then in the Purge cache section, you can choose either the Purge Individual Files or the Purge Everything option. The Purge By Tag option is only available to Enterprise plan subscribers. 

Clearing CDN Cache

4. Clearing Cache Through WP-CLI

You can also use the WordPress Command Line Interface (WP-CLI) to clean the cache. Simply run the following command to conduct the process:

# Flush cache.

$ wp cache flush

Success: The cache was flushed.


Caching is an efficient practice that helps you in improving the accessibility of your website. However, if you need to clear the cache, then you can use any of the methods explained here. Amateur users must hire a WordPress expert to conduct the process on their websites. 

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