Departure postponed for astronauts Samantha Cristoforetti and Crew-4

After the returns were delayed due to unfavorable weather conditions, NASA is ready to begin launches and welcome the astronauts of the Crew-4 mission to Earth, among them there is also Samantha Cristoforetti, whose mission in the international space station has finally come to an end. Other crew members returning home will be Jill Lindgren, Robert Hines and Jessica Watkins.

We remember that AstroSamantha took the lead last September 28, becoming the first European woman to hold the position. As it happens with every management change, the station key handover ceremony was held on the International Space Station on the last day, a ceremony that effectively acknowledges the passage of the role of commander.

The token key was passed to Russian Sergei Prokopyev, along with the traditional tube containing emergency food. Since the content is similar to that of dessert, Cristoforetti wanted to joke by telling her successor that it would be an excellent solution for facing the most difficult days. Then there was the usual thanksgiving, including thanks to Italy for the opportunity and to those given to space agencies. In general, the driving period was rather short, in fact it lasted only 15 days, and it took second place in this individual ranking, that is, after American astronaut Shannon Walker, which lasted only 11 days.

Samantha said during the press conference on October 11.

“I hope to see my family and friends again soon and to be able to take a nice shower. When I return to Earth, I like to enjoy nature and natural environments.”

Timetables and details

Today the return mission will come to life and it seems that NASA and SpaceX are aiming for it Launches from the International Space Station begin at 16.05 According to our time zone. The journey will take several hours and should end with We abandon the Florida coast when it’s 11.43pm with us.

But there are still some reservations about the weather, in fact, ground control teams will continue to monitor a cold front that could pass directly over Florida, with possible wind gusts and rain near the splash zones.

In these hours, another review of weather conditions will take place, but at the moment there are no indications to the contrary and everything should go according to plan. In the event that at the last second it was decided to postpone operations, NASA has already set in More release chances on Friday 14th October The spacecraft and back to Earth.


As usual, NASA and SpaceX will provide live coverage of the Crew-4 mission returns, which can be followed through the space agency’s official channels and YouTube channels for realists. The cap will start before the hatch is closed, to continue with subsequent release and emission. NASA will also host a conference call immediately after the astronauts land, but in this case it will only be audio.

The direct link will start this afternoon at 16, so we leave you on the SpaceX link to follow all the processes available above.

Update: Back postponed to October 14


Bad weather appears to have affected the departure of the Crew-4 mission astronauts, who will have to spend another night aboard the International Space Station. The mission controllers decided The return of the Crew Dragon Freedom spacecraft, scheduled for today, has been postponed due to weather problems Which, as we expected, affects the area close to the Florida water distribution site.

Backup date is tomorrow October 14However, there are still no exact indications on the timeline. We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

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