Dear Fuels, New Extension of Tax Fee Reduction Until November 18

In the last cabinet, before handing over the hand to the new executive, the government decided Extension of the excise duty reduction on fuel Until November 18 (The previous deadline was October 31.) This measure came in a decree by a new law approved by the Council of Ministers.

An option considered necessary to fully contain petrol and diesel prices. The following interventions regarding tax charges, if any, will be up to the new government. We remind you that on gasoline and diesel, the tax reduction is 25 cents per liter plus VAT. On the other hand, for LPG, the reduction is 8.5 euro cents plus VAT.

According to the latest data from Quotidiano Energia, the national average price charged to Gasoline in autonomous mode It is equal to 1.704 euros per liter, prices for different brands range from 1.691 to 1.714 euros per liter (without logo 1.697 euros per liter). As for the average price of an autonomous diesel, we are at 1892 euros per liter, with companies between 1875 and 1900 euros per liter (without logo 1897 euros per liter).

Turn to gasoline in display modeThe average price paid is €1.852 per liter, with color systems charging between €1.779 and €1.919 per liter (without logo €1.752 per liter). The diesel offered, on the other hand, has a high of 2.035 euros per liter, at which point of sale companies practice average prices between 1.977 and 2.081 euros per liter (without the logo 1.949 euros per liter).

LPG is set between €0.785 and €0.806 per liter (without logo €0.776 per liter), while CNG is priced between €2.651 and €3.258 (without logo €2.632).

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