Dear fuel, the reduction in consumption charges will be extended until December 31

There is still room within the new government’s first “aid decree” To further extend to reduce production duties on fuel. In the update note to the Economics and Finance Document (Nadef) in which there are a series of measures against expensive energy, there is a reference specifically to the reduction in consumption charges that will be extended Until December 31, 2022. If there is no delay, the green light for the entire package should arrive on Thursday.

We recall that the previous government extended several times the reduction of excise duties to contain the cost of fuel. After the last extension, the expiry date of this measure was set for 18 November. Therefore, very soon, the deadline will be moved to the end of the year.

Remember that on petrol and diesel, the production duty reduction is 25 cents per liter plus VAT. On the other hand, for LPG, the reduction is 8.5 euro cents plus VAT.

According to the latest data from Quotidiano Energia, the average price of Gasoline in autonomous mode 1.686 euros per liter, with different brands ranging from 1.678 to 1.691 euros per liter (without logo 1.685 euros per liter). As for diesels in autonomous mode, the national average price is 1864 euros per liter, corporate prices range from 1857 to 1868 euros per liter (without logo 1.865 per liter). Going into service mode, the average cost of petrol is €1.834 per liter, with plants charging prices between €1.771 and €1.888 per liter (without logo €1.742 per liter). Switch to diesel serviceThe national average price is 2.009 euros per liter, corporate point of sale prices range from 1.947 to 2.070 euros per liter (without logo 1.918 euros per liter).

While that, liquefied petroleum gas It was between €0.777 and €0.798 per liter (without logo €0.765). Finally, the average price of CNG for cars is between 2,161 and 2,940 euros (without the logo 2,178 euros).

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