DAZN, news on withdrawal procedures: what changes from October 30

DAZN has sent its customers a letter explaining the changes made to the Terms of Use (Article 5) and to the Service Charter (Article 6). The new matter concerns the withdrawal of the subscription, which starts from October 30, 2022 “will be completed 30 days after the application is submitted by logging in on the “My Account” page. We remind you that DAZN offers two packages, one Standard and one Plus, with the difference that in the second only one can use Your account at the same time on two devices connected to different networks.For TIMVISION customers, all information is available here How to opt out today So far – and until October 30 – Opt-out is permitted at any time before this subscription expires, with the understanding that access to the Service will be allowed Until the end of the contract period This is in accordance with the Terms of Use The same is emphasized in the Service Charter: Withdrawal of a subscription to the DAZN Service may be exercised at any time prior to each monthly subscription expiration, with the understanding that access to the DAZN Service will remain permitted until expiration Monthly validity of the current period at the time of withdrawal […]. How to withdraw from October 30, 2022 In essence, the following sentence is added to the text of the Terms of Use and the Service Charter: Withdrawal will be completed on the thirtieth day following the date of the order and access to the Service is permitted until the above term of use) for the same content, the change made to The .DDAZN Service Charter specifies that access to the platform will remain guaranteed until the last 30 days after ordering. So the subscription will be paid until the end of the 30th day. Those who do not accept these changes have the right to withdraw from the service without costs or penalties by 30 November. To do this, simply log in to My Account > Unsubscribe page. Alternatively, you can contact our online customer service.

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