Data on over a million credit cards is on the dark web, but none of them are Italian

Bad news for privacy and especially for the checking accounts of many users, but before you take a shot, we tell you right away that fortunately what we are about to talk to you about.It does not matter to our country and Italian users.

Apparently, a dark web market called BidenCash has been posted online Details of more than 1.2 million credit cards. report from ComputerAccordingly The data theft included information such as card numbers, expiration dates, CVV numbers, cardholder names, bank names, card types, physical addresses, email addresses, Social Security numbers, and phone numbers.. Unfortunately, the information is so comprehensive that the risk of cybercriminals committing financial fraud and identity theft is not far off.

Most of the cards came from the United StatesOthers came from India, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Spain and China. Some cards will not expire before 2023, while some will remain valid until 2026.

The leak appears to be BidenCash’s promotion for its new store domains after the original was hit by a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. To ensure wider coverage, cybercriminals have distributed URLs across a public web domain, as well as various hacking and scavenging forums.

If credit card pranks that have appeared on the dark web on other occasions have previously been identified as simple scams, with shared data turned out to be fake or recycled from old pranks filled with a new name, this time the situation is completely different. Cybersecurity firm D3Labs confirmed this About 30% of credit cards are validWhich means that around 350,000 cards can become a victim of money theft and cash fraud of all kinds.

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