Damaged submarine cables in France and Scotland: eyes on Russia

Different marine fiber cables that connects Europe with Asia, the United States and other regions of the world was also Cut off the Mediterranean coast of FranceThe outage has caused networking and internet connectivity issues in various areas, particularly in terms of speed and latency on applications hosted on external servers.

Local authorities are busy rebuilding the facts, and technicians have had to wait for the police to finish their investigation before proceeding to recover the leak. Damage included the following lines:

  • Marseille – Lyon
  • Marseille – Milan
  • Marseille – Barcelona

The situation seems to be improving: the first line – the line connecting Marseille and Lyon – has been restored, while the works in Marseille – Barcelona and Marseille – Milan. However, investigations are ongoing both locally and globally, in an effort to Determine the reason for this reduction.

The Russian submarine destroying cables in southern France is only a hypothesis.

There are those who do not rule out a Russia’s involvementwhich may have hired me submarines It was deployed in the Mediterranean to sabotage the network in order to create a blackout on the web (in that region also passes the new cable – the longest in the world – which starts from Genoa and sails around Africa until it reaches England). There is still no clear evidence that this is the causeBut it is still taken seriously, in light of the growing friction between Moscow and the West. Moreover, in recent days, France has already expressed concerns about the safety of submarine cables, which are a possible target of a Russian attack after the sabotage at Nord Stream.

Also because another line was sabotaged at the same time, in this case Between the Scottish Highlands and the Orkney Islands and the Shetland Islandsand the synchronization These two episodes revitalized the hypothesis that the Kremlin may actually be behind these attacks. This second case had isolated the Shetland Islands for some time, and “chance”, upon discovering the leak, technicians were working for another outage in the submarine, this time between the Shetland Islands and the Faroe Islands.

Accidental damage, as has been said, and it is by no means excluded that it could not be so. What is certain is that this context between southern France and northern Scotland raises some doubts. According to the authorities of the Faroe Islands, the responsibility can fall on the shoulders of the gods fishing boats who, inadvertently, cut the submarine cable. “But it is very rare for two problems to happen at the same timeAcknowledgment Pal Visturbo, Director of Telecommunication Infrastructure in the Faroe Islands.

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