Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 Review

Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 Review

The Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 computer tower is one of the most interesting options on the market, both for price and for its advantages. Below, you will find all its features and opinions.

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Technical specifications of the Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 tower

This computer case has the following specifications:

Form factor : ATX

Puertos USB: 3.0 x2

Measurements : 21.1 x 49.4 x 74.5 cm

Weight : 6.35kg

Cable management : yes

Front fans : 2

Rear fans : 1

Fan size : 120 mm

Bays : 2.5” x 4

Expansion slots : 7

Characteristics of the box Cooler Master MasterBox MB500

The Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 is a very attractive computer tower, both for its good quality/price ratio and for its aesthetics . In addition, it is quite comfortable for the installation of the components and has enough space to favor ventilation.

It has a design that combines the classic with the avant-garde , mixing sober parts with some modern touches. Other of its most important qualities are the following:

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The tower measures 21.1 x 49.4 x 74.5 cm, which means it supports ATX motherboards . It is a spacious box that prevents the components from overheating when used intensively.


The Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 comes with 3 factory installed fans . 2 of them are integrated in the front area. Supports a third fan, but it is not included, although it is not usually necessary either.

The missing fan is in the rear area, which is the one that takes care of expelling the heat out. On the other hand, they all have their respective RGB lighting , giving a great aesthetic touch to the entire box.

Panel lateral

The side panel follows current trends, being made of tempered glass and transparent. As a consequence, it shows everything that is inside, which looks great with the lighting system .

The tempered glass is 4mm thick, so it’s sturdy enough.

Panel frontal

In the front area we find the power button, a couple of USB ports and video input and output connectors . It is the usual in most towers, so there is nothing surprising in this section.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 computer tower is one of the best-selling models on the market today. It has quite attractive features for many users, but it is not a perfect case either.

At this time, we describe its most relevant pros and cons:


Good quality/price ratio : it is an accessible, robust and practical computer tower.

Attractive aesthetics : it combines very well with any gaming setup and has RGB lighting.

It favors ventilation : it comes with 3 fans, it allows you to install an additional one and it is wide enough.

Good Size – Has the measurements and slots needed to fit just about any internal component.


Restricted space for the power supply : the area where the power supply is placed is very small and uncomfortable.

Frequent questions

Can liquid cooling be installed?

Yes, it is a roomy box.

Does it come with the power supply included?

No, the power supply must be purchased separately.

Torre PC Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 vs Empire Gaming Warmachine

We are talking about two computer towers that have quite a few differences between them. First of all, the Empire Gaming has 4 fans equipped and supports the installation of up to 6, notably more than the Cooler Master.

On the other hand, RGB lighting is more powerful and offers you the possibility to change the color in 11 different modes . On an aesthetic level it is also a little more elegant and sophisticated, although of course, it is a personal choice.

Now, it is not better than the Cooler Master in all sections, since it only has a single USB 3.0 port , because the rest is 2.2. In addition, the size is exactly the same and it is possible to install practically the same components.


The Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 is a very convenient computer tower for those who have a medium budget and are looking for comfort and versatility.

It admits the installation of almost all the pieces that you put on it, it has good ventilation and it looks very good aesthetically.

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