Control 2, Party Development: Expect the Unexpected (Again)!

Control 2 is in development: Confirmed by treatment in the last few hours. The Finnish studio, responsible for the first chapter, will once again benefit from the 505 Games collaboration: Remedy will take care of publishing on PC, while 505 will follow the console universe, namely PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. At the moment, the details are not so many: after all, the game is still in the concept development stage. However, it has already been confirmed The graphics engine will be Northlightowner of Remedy.

Remedy announced the first plans to develop a true sequel to its much-acclaimed action-adventure this past summer: so far it’s only been rumored by reference to its code name, Heron. Mikael Kasurinen, Principal Director of the Franchise, has I promised another leap into the unknown and another unexpected journey, as was already the first control. It will take some time, he said, but “being mediocre is the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on.” So it seems quite clear that the ideas and direction are there. However, it will take some time to turn it into a reality, and treatment is recommended.

505 Games has already been involved in the development of the first Control game of 2019: the Italian publisher has taken an interest in publishing. As for the franchise, Remedy aims to expand it further: Project Condor has been announced as one Casual multiplayer group in the same universe. Condor is in development too: Remedy’s in-house Vanguard team is working on it.

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