Compared to iPad: New Model vs. 9th Generation vs. Air 5 and 4

With the new 10th generation iPad and iPad Pro M2 display apple Tablet market extends even further, the final choice must necessarily reflect your real needs and that is why we believe that a Comparison of different models It may help to better understand which direction you should move. Here we will focus on 3 “comparable” iPads, thus avoiding the introduction of the Pro M2 which belongs to a different price range and is in fact a product in itself due to its intrinsic characteristics. So the models taken into consideration are:

to which we add a model, although it is no longer officially in the price list, it is still suggested on the Apple website renovated (and obviously also used):

March 17

4 iPads, one side and the other

From left to right: iPad 9th gen, iPad 10th gen, iPad Air 5, iPad Air 4

Capacity, dimensions and weight

Four iPads suggested All in 64GB and 256GB dual format WiFi and WiFi + Cellular. From this point of view, there is no kind of difference. Dimensions are the same Among the models with 10.9-inch screens (identical between the Air 2), the 9th generation iPad with a 10.2-inch screen is slightly longer and narrower than the other models, as well as being the heaviest and heaviest respectively with 7.5mm and 487g. (Up to 29 grams more than the fourth generation iPad Air).


Here the differences relate to the presence of Retina display 1620 x 2160 on iPad 9th generation Born in Liquid Retina 2360×1640 on iPad 10a, iPad Air 5a, and 4a. The first is also the only one – of the four – equipped with a screen with a diagonal 10.2 inches. Both models also offer a full screen lamination with anti-reflective coating, features that the remaining models lack. The remaining specifications are common to the four models.

chip and battery

The healer is the element by which the main emphasis is placed on the change of generations. The 9th generation iPad is equipped with Apple A13 BionicThe new 10th generation iPad shares with the 4th gen iPad AirApple A14 Bionic While only the fifth generation iPad Air offers Apple’s silicone solution on its own m 1. In many contexts, this configuration can make a real difference.

In terms of battery, the four are equivalent: “Up to 10 hours of WiFi browsing or video playback, up to 9 hours of web browsing on a cellular network, USB-C charging“.

pen and keyboard

For the Apple Pencil, the iPad Air is a story in itself, because it is Compatible with the second generation version. Speech is different instead for the 9th generation iPad, which stops at first generation From the pen, and for the new iPad, which instead requires a file Electric switch USB-C to the first generation Apple Pencil.

There are also differences regarding keyboard compatibility: Smart Keyboard on the 9th generation iPad, Magic Keyboard Folio on the 10th generation, and Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio on iPad Airs.


On the back of all iPads checked, the camera progresses from 12 mega pixel f/1.8 . lensexcept for the iPad 9 which has a camera from 8 MP f/2.4 It is the only one that is not compatible with 4K video recording.

The front camera is definitely more important for obvious reasons: here to share the sensor from 12 mega pixel are the iPad 9, 10 and Air 5, Air 4 has a 7MP camera No extended dynamic range for videos up to 30fps, which is a feature the other three products are equipped with.

Voice, authentication, communication, sensors, SIM card

There are two speakers on each model, which are placed horizontally on the iPad 10, Air 5 and 4. They are obviously all equipped with Connection ID As an authentication system and for payments via Apple Pay, with the big difference that the iPad 9th gen retains Home buttonwhile for others, the sensor is integrated into the power button.

On the other hand, there are no differences in the sensors: in addition to the Touch ID, we find the 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensor and barometer. The same goes for the SIM card, with compatibility with nano-SIM and eSIM.

Connection and connectors

There are differences on the communication side, with iPad 9 is the only one that offers WiFi 5 – Others have been updated to WiFi 6 – and Bluetooth version 4.2 – 5.0 on the iPad Air and 5.2 on the new iPad 10. The 9th generation iPad is still Apple’s latest tablet with a 3.5mm jack. iPad 9 and iPad Air 4 are compatible with 4G LTE networks, and 5G support is on the iPad 10 and iPad Air 5.

For the connection cable, Lightning is only available on iPad 9all other models have switched to the more popular USB-C (thanks from the EU).

the prices

Last but not least, the prices. The cheapest of the four is the iPad 9th genPrice starting at €439 For 64 GB Wi-Fi only. To go up we find the iPad 10th gen (from 589 euros) and iPad Air 5 (from 789 euros). As mentioned, the fourth generation iPad Air is no longer officially on the price list but Apple offers a new offer starting at 539 euros. It can be a compromise if you want to save something (especially compared to the latest iPad Air) while relying on a device with Liquid Retina, Apple A14 Bionic processor, and 12MP rear camera.

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