Climate madness: never hot. Status at COP 27

Average global temperature is rising steadily, European glaciers are melting in record time, heat waves have never been so frequent and floods are on the agenda: preliminary data from World Meteorological Organization revealed to COP 27 Sharm El Sheikh About climate change is annoying, just as it is too annoying to know how to do it The past eight years have been the hottest ever Since the measurements were made on the Earth’s temperature. The final report on the state of the climate will be published in April 2023.

This is the temperature trend from 1850 to today:

According to World Meteorological Organization Secretary Petteri Taalas, with these figures, it will be very difficult to comply Paris Accordsjust as it would be impossible to reverse glacier melt that would last for hundreds of years.

Opening image credits: Pixabay

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