Citroen preliminary, new light and efficient electric concept for future mobility

Citroen has predicted that these days it will introduce a new electric concept car, a vehicle designed according to the automaker’s philosophy of wanting to “provide a simple, accessible and intelligent electric mobility solution to improve people’s daily lives with minimal impact on the environment”. Therefore, the French brand has now revealed the new Citroen Oli concept car. We’re talking about a particular B-SUV, born to be an idea lab on wheels and meant to be light and efficient. In fact, the French brand talks about a weight of 1,000 kg, consumption of 10 kWh per 100 km thanks to the speed limit of 110 km / h for maximum efficiency and a range of 400 km. My little mom realized that it is possible to do things differently to respect the commitment By making electric mobility accessible to all. If the small quad bike allows for a change in the urban commuting sector, Ollie is trying to review family commuting. There are no highly advanced solutions found today in many large and heavy SUVs, because with this concept Citroen aims to prove that with the right number of features, innovative use of recyclable materials and a sustainable production process, it is possible to meet the need for zero-emissions portability. Inexpensive, attractive and suitable for all lifestyles. Therefore, no more excesses, because Citroen believes that it is necessary to focus on making cars that are truly smart, lightweight, less complex and accessible, and at the same time original and fun. The efficiency of the concept is 4.20 meters long, 1.65 meters high and 1.90 meters wide. Just like little Ami, Ola also adopts a smart building philosophy. For example, the front doors are identical on every side, even if they are installed differently. It is also much lighter and easier to make and install. Other elements of the car are also identical and have been reused in multiple sectors to simplify construction. The French brand also paid a lot of attention to the material. For example, the panels for the hood, roof, and trunk floor are made from recycled honeycomb cardboard, which is highly durable and walkable. The concept is based on steel and aluminum rims with smart, durable Eagle GO tires created in collaboration with Goodyear. The cabin is very spacious and designed to be functional. There is no infotainment because the smartphone will provide all the info. The device must be inserted into a special slot placed on the dashboard. Similar solution to that from Ami. All the work done on the Oli allowed Citroen to reduce the weight, which, as mentioned at the beginning, is 1000 kg. The car battery has a capacity of 40 kWh, which, thanks to the high efficiency obtained, still allows 400 km of autonomy. The concept is also characterized by fast charging: from 20 to 80% of capacity in just 23 minutes. Oli is also designed for maximum sustainability. The concept was developed to be refurbished, modernized and repaired with recycled components to promote sustainability, longevity and reuse. It also features Veichle to Grid and Veichle to Load techniques. Citroen has announced that some of the solutions found in the concept car will be able to find a place in future production cars. Finally, the Oli is also distinguished by the presence of the new Citroen logo.

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