Cherry MX Black Clear-Top The retro switch that captures the spirit of the 80’s Nixie

cherry Inspired by 80s Nixie Switch for him MX transparent blacka new version arrives on the world market at the beginning of 2023. The original model was made specifically for the German company Nixdorf Computer AG, production took place for a few years – until the end of the decade – and (also) for this reason over time it became an expensive object of desire for enthusiasts and collectors .

The original Nixie was only one Modified version of key MX Black with the top of the color”milky”, an increase in operating force from 60 to 63.5 centigrade and with a diode integrated into the N-Key rollover. The result was a key that allowed to obtain Especially smooth writingWith rich audios. It was used in keyboards Function switches Nixdorf CT06-CT07 / 2 M for “Small computer, server or terminal“.

The MX Black Clear-Top wants to embody the Nixie legend by clearly suggesting it in a modern key and with new materials. It will be available in two different variants, one with lubricant KRYTOX GPL 205 GRADE 0 FACTORY APPLICATION”In perfect doses by automated process“, the other without. The colors remain unchanged, plus the actuation force of 63.5 cN, the pre-stroke is 2 mm and a total of 4. It is suggested in the five-pin version with the mounting pins of the printed circuit and Gold Crosspoint Communications: The company guarantees more than 50 million compressions and a rebound time of less than a millisecond.

As mentioned at the beginning, Cherry’s MX Black Clear-Top will be presented on the market In early 2023. We look forward to one last piece of information: the price. For those who want something a bit more “traditional” and are looking for a thin key, Cherry MX Low Profile RGB has long been introduced, designed specifically for low profile gaming keyboards.

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