Celebrity Hunted S3, Prime Video Unveils Official Trailer

Prime Video today announced the third season and crew stir reality italian origin, celebrity chase – Chase, which will see a new team of nine iconic characters from the Italian scene escape and try not to be caught by poachers. Have you ever seen one of the previous versions? Let’s see how it works, then we bring you the names of the new celebrities involved.

celebrity chase – chase it’s a Real life excitement who sees a group of celebrities fleeing the length and breadth of Italy, trying to remain anonymous and preserve their freedom for two weeks, with limited economic resources. They will be hunted by some of the most famous analysts and professional investigators, cyber security experts, specialists and human trackers from law enforcement and military intelligence.

Poachers will be able to use any legal means to track celebrities such as phone tracking, video surveillance cameras, license plate recognition systems, and free access to information useful to hunting.

October 31

Then we come to the list of VIPs who participated in this third edition. Among them, we find the actor Luca Argentero with his wife, actress Christina MarinoThe actors Salvatore Esposito And the Marco Dimorecomedian, broadcaster, and television actress Katya VolisaThe well-known faces of comedy group The Jakal Cerro Prielo And the Fabio Balsamo and rapper Digital and the singer erama.

After the success of the first two seasons, this year’s edition is back to give Prime Video fans a thrilling, adrenaline-fueled entertainment, with a bit of comedy and a bit more art. Celebrity Hunt to a man S3 will be available exclusively On Prime Video in 2022but for the deadline, we will have to wait a little longer.

Update: Chasing the official trailer

Prime Video on Instagram this morning revealed a series of mysterious clues that invite followers to step into the role of celebrity hunters and hunt down the official trailer for Season 3 of… celebrity chase – chasewhich will be available exclusively on Prime Video worldwide starting November 17 with the first three episodes, while the last three episodes will be available from November 24.

By following the clues on Prime Video’s social channels and the escapees from the new version, the URL code for the trailer can be obtained. 9 heroes of the third season of Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt, in fact, each will present a part of the code that will make up the full URL of the official trailer. Here’s the Instagram post describing the initiative.

Finally, after a few hours, the mystery was revealed and the official trailer was revealed to everyone. So we just have to suggest it to continue, waiting for the official release on Prime Video. Good vision!

Official Announcement

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