Can’t Connect your Cell Phone to PC? Learn how to Fix this Problem


Can't Connect your Cell Phone to PC? Learn how to Fix this Problem

If you already changed the USB cable and it doesn’t work, try these two alternatives to fix it.

Many times when trying to transfer files between a computer and a cell phone , a cable is used to keep them connected. However, this can fail for various reasons and create annoyance for users who spend a lot of time trying to fix this problem.

That is why in this note we will show you some alternatives and ideas so that you can solve this problem between a computer with a Windows operating system and an Android smartphone .


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Currently there are many methods so that you can send content from one device to another without the need to use an external cable, such as using Bluetooth, using WhatsApp Web, uploading files to a cloud service or by mail.

But, if you absolutely need to use the cable, what can you do if Windows does not detect your Android smartphone? There are some common errors and solutions you can try to try to fix the error.


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Why can’t my cell phone and PC be connected with the USB cable?

Update Windows

·         Go to settings in Windows.

·         Click on the ‘update and security’ option.

·         Go to ‘Windows update’ on the left side of the screen.

·         A screen will appear informing you whether or not updates are available and when the last check was performed.

·         After updating you can configure this tab so that it is automatic in the future.

Update drivers


If Windows does not detect your phone, then you should check that autoplay is enabled for all media and devices in the operating system. The steps you must perform are the following:

·         Go to Control Panel on the computer.

·         Access the ‘hardware and sound’ option, which is among the options.

·         Go to ‘autoplay’ within Hardware and Sound.

·         Confirm that the box next to the ‘use autoplay for all media and devices’ option is checked.

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