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BYD It has a very strong expansion project in the European market. After debuting on the Norwegian car market to “test” the response of European customers, the Chinese brand decided to get serious and debut in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Moreover, by the end of 2022, its electric cars can also be ordered France and the United Kingdom.

There is a lot of curiosity about the new generation of electric models that the Chinese are bringing for the first time on the ancient continent. The days when Chinese-made cars were inferior copies of European cars with dubious construction characteristics are far away. Today, Chinese automakers such as BYD offer modern, high-quality products that are in line with market demands in terms of technology, knowing that more in-depth testing and customer response in terms of service and long distances will be needed to get the final opinion.

So how do BYD electric cars conduct their first road test? we arrived to Driving ATTO 3 SUV, a model tailored to the tastes of European customers. But let’s go in order.

Why act 3?

Let’s start with the very special name. BYD explains that this is a reference to attoseconds which stands for infinitesimal fractions of a second. This new SUV for the European market Measures It measures 4,455 mm in length, 1,875 mm in width and 1,615 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2.72 m. The trunk can be based on a capacity of 440 liters which can be increased to 1,338 liters by folding the backrests of the rear seat.

And then it is C-Class SUVs which is based on e-Platform 3.0. You can, of course, rely on in-house developed Blade batteries, etc. Contains LFP . cells (Lithium and Iron Phosphate). With a platform dedicated to electric vehicles, a long wheelbase and short front and rear mileage, the SUV is able to save a lot of space compared to other models in its class.

The design adopts the stylistic language already seen in other BYD models. The front, in particular, represents the style”Dragon face‘, a clear reference to Chinese mythology. Inside the cockpit we find some strange solutions starting with door pockets where 3 guitar strings are ‘stop’ beings. Strings that can really be ‘played’.

There is also a lot of technology inside. Behind the steering wheel is the hardware screen, perhaps a little small. Small size, in fact, compromises clarity. All major functions of the car, including the air conditioning, are managed from the infotainment system. curiosity 12.8 inch touch screen can be rotated from landscape to portrait. In the central tunnel, in addition to the gear selector, we find a series of buttons that allow you to manage some of the car’s functions without having to interfere with the infotainment (driving mode, volume, 4 arrows and more).

infotainment system, based on AndroidIt is very intuitive and smooth to use. There are no trivial aspects to show BYD’s interest in in-car technology and a level of sophistication that some traditional (and Western) manufacturers have so far been unable to balance.

Speaking of specifications, BYD ATTO 3 SUV can be based on a 150 kW (204 hp) engine. It takes 7.3 seconds from 0 to 100, while the top speed is up to 160 km / h (electronically limited). The promised range on the WLTP cycle is 420 km thanks to the battery with a nominal capacity of 60.48 kWh. BYD advertises 29 minutes for recharging at DC from 30 to 80% (maximum power at DC 88 kW, at AC 11 kW).

How are you going on the road?

So how does this SUV go on the road? I managed to go a few kilometers inside a “closed circuit”. Despite the short track, I was still able to test some features of the car Such as acceleration in eco, normal, sport and braking modes. There are also two braking modes, Comfort and Sport. Steering looks light, precise, and easy to use. Doki, I would put it in the average C-segment SUV. There are two energy recovery modes: high and low. Differences in use are minimal: Not suitable for those looking for a “single pedal” manual.

Weighing 1700 kg You don’t feel at the wheel and the SUV looks much lighter at the wheel: Contrary to expectations, the behavior on the road is very composed both in the nuts and on the bumpy, framing everything in the perspective of a city test and without putting the car whip in more difficult scenarios Like a series of rough bends up and down. The SUV also performed well while braking. There is, in fact, that notch seen on other models that results in slightly more decadent braking. The power is there and you can all feel the 204 horsepower. Torque is not specified but should be around 300 Nm.

Therefore, a car that amazes both the interior, with high-quality materials and an attempt to do something different from the usual in terms of design, and drivability. Visibility is also good thanks to the large glass surfaces available. In short, a car that is easy to “measure” from the first approach. It is also very easy and quick to find the right driving position, which shows that the good work has been done from the point of view of ergonomics.

Positive first contact, but the price? in Germany starts from 38,000 euros. Arriving in Italy, it is possible that it will have a different price, even if we do not know if it is for better or for worse. Indeed, Italy is in the “third wave” of the Chinese invasion, which is a sign that we won’t see it before the end of 2023: will BYD be able to improve economies of scale and thus bring them in with a lower figure? We’ll find out in upcoming announcements, but don’t expect to pre-order over the next 12 months.

Official BYD in Europe with three electric cars: HAN, TANG and ATTO 3

August 26

BYD in Europe with electric cars HAN, TANG and ATTO 3: Availability

September 28

Consumption and independence

For consumption, we refer you to when we can do more in-depth testing. The trip was too short to get a reliable and realistic estimate. Let’s remember again that BYD Announces 420 km in the WLTP cycle Which became 565 km in the city cycle.

However, from the first tests, it appears that it is possible to approach these distances. In Northern Europe, a test was also conducted with BYD Tang which adopts the same technology as the ATTO 3 even if it offers more power. Testing revealed a difference between the declared and actual mileage of 11%, which is one of the best in the segment and in line with Tesla.


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