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The Italian TV series Boris, produced for Disney +, will return next fall with a fourth season. The streaming service officially announced this with a press release, specifying that the communal comedy series will be available exclusively starting October 26. The first image testifying to the end of production work was also released and can be seen in the title.

After three seasons and a film written and directed by Mattia Torri, Giacomo Ciarabico and Luca Vendroscolo, Boris Once again, in ironic and unconventional language, what is happening behind the scenes in the world of Italian film and television.

Originally set behind the scenes of the low-budget Italian series Eyes of the Heart, Season 4 tells the story of the historic band’s return on set. Meanwhile, the world and television have changed. Social media, influencers, and various streaming platforms dictate the law. How will our heroes face this new world?

All heroes of past seasons return to the cast to which some new entries have been added, in alphabetical order: Luca Amorocino, Giulia Anchisi, Valerio Abrea, Massimiliano Bruno, Nene Bruchetta, Raffaele Boranelli, Aurora Calabresi, Paolo Calabresi, Astrid Casale, Antonio Catania, Eugenia Costantini, Carolina Crisentini, Cecilia Dazzi, Massimo di Lorenzo, Giordano di Plano, Alberto de Stasio, Caterina Guzzanti, Corrado Guzzanti, Andrea Lintozzi, Emma Lo Bianco, Jerry Mastrodomenico, Francesco Banovino, Moreno Patgreno, Piero Pizzerino, Giuzzi, , Alessio Pratic, Karen Proia, Andrea Purgatori, Carlo De Ruggeri, Andrea Sartoretti, Pietro Sermonti, Alessandro Tiberi, Giorgio Terrapasi and Nina Torresi. Boris It is an original Italian series produced by Lorenzo Milli for The Apartment, a subsidiary of the Fremantle Group.


Disney+ has released new main art and an official trailer for Boris 4, the original Italian series that will start on October 26 exclusively on the streaming platform with all episodes. The highly anticipated comedy series is written and directed by Giacomo Ciarabico and Luca Vendroscolo. At the same time, a detailed synopsis of the story has also been published, which we suggest to follow along with the trailer.

More than ten years have passed and everything has changed. The dying public television – with its good doctors and anti-drug lectures – is dying even more that Renee and his friends are now working on a global platform. The series that Renee should shoot this time is jesus life, from the idea of ​​Stannis La Rochelle. Who will not only play the role of the hero, died famous at the age of 33 when he was in his fifties, but also the role of the producer, with He told (So ​​not Italian production). Stannis founded it with Corinna, who has also been his wife for several years. writing jesus life He was assigned to the usual three screenwriters. Co-producer and organizer is Lopez, who retired from the web, reinvented himself as a single producer QQQ (Quality, Quality, Quality). An opportunity not to be missed is that the most important European platform is seriously considering the project, but before the final green light, the scripts (“locking”) need to be approved by the algorithm. Everything seems to be going well but what does it mean to work under this new owner? Renee will be able to take advantage of this new opportunity to finally film a series of quality, but above all, will we be able to adapt to a world that has changed so quickly?

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