BMW iX1, production of the new electric utility vehicle begins

BMW Production of the new iX1 electric SUV has begun at the plant located in Regensburg. With the start of construction of this new model, all German factories are now producing battery cars. The new BMW iX1 is a very important model for the German brand’s electrification strategy. by 2024At least one out of every three BMWs to be introduced in Bavarian factories will be an electric car.

To prepare for the construction of this new model, the Regensburg plant has been adapted by introducing the latest technologies that allow this Improve production processes. For example, the factory’s paint shop is run by an AI-based system: painted surfaces are scanned to ensure the highest quality and then finished with a fully automated software customized to each vehicle.

The new electric BMW iX1 is produced on the same production line as other heat-sucking and hybrid models from the German manufacturer.

More than 400 kilometers of autonomy

Remember that the new electric SUV has a powertrain consisting of a Dual motor capable of providing a total of 230 kW / 313 hp (including the temporary boost of 30 kW) with torque of 494 Nm. On the performance side, BMW announces acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds. Traction is an integral part.

The motor is driven by a 64.7 kWh battery That allows Its range is 413-438 km According to the WLTP cycle. The vessel can be recharged with DC up to a maximum power of 130 kW or up to 11 kW at AC (22 kW charger is optional).

Prices for the new BMW iX1? It starts from 57,200 euros.

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