Blood Moon November 8, will be the last until 2025 | How do you watch it

Tomorrow there will be a very rare astronomical event that we have already had the opportunity to see on other occasions, and even if the view of our country will not allow us to help you live again, the web will meet with us thanks to many live already organized for the next few hours. Tomorrow November 8 We will be able to watch the last blood moon until the spring of 2025.

It is known by this name because of the strange red color that the full moon takes at this juncture, and it occurs when the earth passes between the sun and the moon, casting a shadow on the latter. While direct sunlight is completely blocked, Earth’s atmosphere is transparent enough to allow some of the light to reach the moon. But this light is refracted, which means that blue (shorter) wavelengths are scattered more than red (longer) waves, causing the shadow to give the moon a ghostly red-tinted glow. Hence the name “blood moon”.

This atmospheric scattering is the same phenomenon behind the wonderful reddish sunrise or sunset, which we are used to seeing frequently on Earth. The total eclipse that will happen tomorrow, November 8, 2022 It will take an hour and 25 minutes, but unfortunately we will not be able to monitor it directly Only a part of northeastern Europe will be able to help.

Fortunately for us we will be able to follow the show online, thanks to for example the Virtual Telescope Project, based in Italy, which will offer the live broadcast. At this point, hopefully, wherever you are, you have at least a good internet connection. On the other hand, if you are among the lucky ones in the affected areas (above the animation indicating the main areas), we wish you a good view of the blood moon.

But since we’ve talked about Luna, we can’t conclude without reminding you that NASA will attempt the Artemis I mission again on November 14. Target? Wrap up an orbit around the natural satellite with the Orion capsule and back again, but of course without a crew on board. More details in the original news.

We leave you at the end of the link for the virtual telescope project on Youtube Direct, the start of which is set for tomorrow at 10.30 according to our time zone.

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