Artemis I, the mission postponed to November. Post-hurricane inspection in progress

NASA is keeping us informed of the Artemis mission by announcing a new launch window for the Space Launch System, which has now returned to the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) for further examinations and to protect against Hurricane Ian’s path in Florida. Inspections are underway, but fortunately the hardware doesn’t seem to have suffered any damage from the wrath of the extraordinary event. All structures are intact, the US space agency has only reported some water leaks which, however, do not appear to be causing concern among insiders. In the next few days, more checks are planned on the SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft in light of the Artemis IA launch around the launch, until today there was talk of an indefinite “end of October” for liftoff, and now NASA can be more accurate especially in light of the delays. Unexpected hurricane caused. The new launch window is set for November 12-27: Over the next few days, managers will assess the work to be done within the VAB and set a specific date for the next launch attempt. So we’ll have to wait another two months before we witness the historic launch that will take us back to the moon in light of the Artemis III mission that will bring man back to lunar soil.

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