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In the past few hours, there has been talk of a possible update for the Apple TV set-top box, which may arrive by the end of the current year, but again there will be no qualitative leap compared to the previous model, as expected by many users.

There is talk of rumors, of course, but Mark Gorman never indulged in unwise expectations and proximity to sources close to the company was always a guarantee. In his latest newsletter, he was Bloomberg It states that the upcoming Apple TV will not be anything revolutionary, which means we can see a minor hardware update aimed at making the device faster than the current one, but without certain functional innovations.

Therefore, updates can be limited to Faster memory and A14 chip inputwhich will not only allow a higher overall response of all user interface, but also increase the video quality that can be obtained.

In fact, the last hardware update dates back to the spring of 2021, when the latest Apple TV 4K was released to the market. If the previous model wasn’t really revolutionary, then the one that comes out this year will be less so, and in all likelihood it will hit the market without much fanfare, perhaps with the new iPad and Mac, which is what we’ve said as we’ve said in recent weeks you shouldn’t be a hero in any given presentation.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s previous insider analysis took into account the possibility that Apple wanted to launch a cheaper Apple TV in the remaining weeks of 2022, so we should remain open to all possibilities, even if no one faces a model entry. out. So we have to wait at least another year.

However, it’s worth noting that both iOS 16 and tvOS 16 include references to the AV1 video codec which could lay the groundwork for 8K streaming on Apple TV in the future, as well as on very modern devices like the new iPhones, and upcoming iPads, And Macs, of course, the current Apple TV supports HDMI 2.1 but doesn’t use its full bandwidth. So, could an incremental hardware update pave the way for truly 8K content reproduction with the next model of Apple TV? It’s hard to say for sure, but it’s a possibility not to be underestimated.

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