Apple tracks our movements in the App Store, according to two developers

If there is one tech company that has always argued about how important privacy is, it is certainly Apple, which has historically not appreciated the idea that advertising content could invade its platforms. But as you know, changing times and the current economic situation of large technology companies is leading more and more companies to compromise to face losses, including Apple itself.

It’s recent news that the App Store is now showing more ads for some and people have been concerned about how the company’s policies might change. The latest change dates back to October 25, when the Cupertino-based company rolled out new commercials in two of its most viewed sections, the Today tab and in the dedicated You May Also Like tab, which contains suggestions based on on the download habits of each user.

But the news that won’t please many is that two developers have found it Apple may track everything we click while browsing the App Store. The two security researchers identify themselves as “Misk” on Twitter and revealed it iOS sends to Apple a detailed history of user interactions with the App Store.

As shown in the short video shared above, the usage data that Apple will send includes details about screen interactions and the information will arrive in real time to Apple via a JSON file. According to the developers, The company is said to have monitored user actions within the App Store since the release of iOS 14.6Let’s talk about May 2021. The strangest thing is that just a month ago, the company introduced the “Transparency Tracking” functionality for apps running iOS 14.5,

Apple has not commented at this time, and in fact it is not known what type of use this data is made, but it should be noted that the tracking will remain active, the developers reported. It must be said that since Apple started serving ads on the App Store, developers have access to performance stats, so this data can be related to this novelty.

The situation is somewhat controversial, because if, on the one hand, Apple does everything to not allow iOS users to be tracked through the advertising platforms of Google and Meta, on the other hand it seems to be working in the opposite direction when it comes to its interests. Should the founding of the news prove to be established, the Cupertino company will defend itself by saying that the data collected will not be shared with third parties, however, the situation that many will not like will remain.

October 27

And we conclude with one last ingredient that is always discovered by the duo of researchers who confirm it App Store data is sent to Apple even when personalized ads are turned off.

As the link above tells you in detail, as soon as the new ads arrived on October 25, many users began criticizing the type of content they tried, which in many cases proved irrelevant or even morally questionable (casino and dating apps, for example). The company responded immediately by activating a temporary suspension of the content of this content, but no final decision has been made about the future of these advertisers, who will certainly pay (and not so little) for the inclusion of their commercials.

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