Apple Music, TV + and One The official price is also rising in Italy: how much does it cost

Almost a day after American colleagues hinted that Apple could have brought in the prices From his services abroad, here at night Increases They materialize and do it Also in Italy. La Mela does not differentiate between old and new customers, prices go up equally for everyone. The relevant services are Apple Musicand Apple TV + and Apple One inclusiveWhile stay outside – at the moment, it is appropriate to say – the most used of all, iCloud +.

How much MUSIC APPLE, TV + and one cost in Italy today

The new prices Customers were notified by an email we also received during the night. Here’s how much Apple’s three services cost in Italy as of today:

  • Apple Music

    • Student floor: 5.99 € (from 4.99 euros)
    • Individual plan: 10.99 € (9.99 euros)
    • family plan: 16.99 € (14.99 euros)
  • + Apple TV
    • Monthly renewal: 6.99 € (4.99 euros)
    • Annual renewal: €69.99 (49.99 euros)
  • Apple One (Includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, and iCloud +)
    • Single Plan (50 GB iCloud +): 16.95 € (14.95 euros)
    • Family Plan (200 GB iCloud +): €22.95 (19.95 euros)
    • Premium Plan (in addition to the above services also includes Fitness + and 2TB iCloud): €31.95 (29.95 euros).

If you want to find something positive in unpleasant news like that of an increase, then there is the flaw in the euro-dollar exchange rate that did not cause European prices to rise any more than it did in the US where the increases did. It was in a 1:1 ratio, and therefore between one and three dollars.

The increases apply to existing customers starting with the renewal following the email, as Apple doesn’t explain the reasons for the price jump. Yesterday, the company announced the following:

The change in Apple Music is due to increased licensing costs, so artists and songwriters will earn more for their music streaming. We’re also continuing to add innovative features that make Apple Music the best listening experience in the world. We launched Apple TV + at a very low price because we started with just a few shows and movies. Three years later, Apple TV + hosts a wide range of award-winning and acclaimed series, feature films and documentaries and entertainment for children and families by the world’s most creative storytellers.

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