Apple has launched a portal that improves iOS bug finding

Apple has released a file security gate This makes it easier to find and solve potentially important problems. And since you don’t usually work for glory, Apple has come up with a system Rewards For those who will contribute to the cause: Nearly $20 million in prizes, she says, have already been awarded.

The portal, as mentioned, was born with a purpose Speed ​​up the process of identifying major defects So that Apple can address the criticism that has come in over the years, from those who have accused it of not being particularly quick at fixing bugs. La Mela also allows participants to security Access to iPhone Designed specifically for this purpose. Shell access is available – Apple explains – And you can run any tool, choose the privileges, and even customize the kernel.”

“In addition to – continue – SRD (Security Research Device, iPhone, editor) It allows you to report discoveries to Apple without the risk of losing access to the deeper layers of iOS security, and all vulnerabilities detected through an SRD are automatically computed in Apple Security Bounty.”Apple’s program that offers economic rewards to those who report important elements of iOS security.

Apple will accept security search device requests until November 30, 2022. Only a limited number of devices will be made available each year, in addition to complying with strict requirements, in order to use them, fairly strict conditions must be accepted (details in the links in source And the Street).

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