Apple has already focused on 2nm chips, even if a lot is still missing

Apple has already focused on 2 nm chip. It’s the crap coming out of the Asian newspapers Numbers, who said they in Cupertino are already looking to a future that remains elusive. But technology moves at a rapid pace, and if you do not plan its developments in time, you risk seeing competitors go hand in hand.

Recklessness doesn’t say anything about the times, but if the roadmaps are respected, we already have a clue thanks to the “calendar” that TSMC read a few months ago, which gives life to all the chips designed in Cupertino, from Silicon of the M series to Mac and iPad to Bionics for PCs. iPhone. M3s to be manufactured with an extension 3 nm They will come Next year There is little doubt about it, while for those 2 nm Demarcation year according to TSMC projects, It will be 2025.

One in the production process is the number that gives Good indications of the efficiency of the processors. And the lower it goes, the more performance increases and decreases consumption and heat generated, aspects in which battery powered devices are clearly able to make a difference.

The Apple Silicon M1s are manufactured at 5nm, as are the A15 Bionic, M2 and A16 Bionic (the latter uses TSMC’s second generation 5nm manufacturing process, which marketing advertises at 4nm). The Apple Silicon M3s and possibly also the A17 Bionic chip for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will be manufactured using a 3nm process.

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