Apple, Amazon, Google and Meta are under investigation in the UK for their financial services

When the major antitrust companies start, they will almost certainly, in the end, always come back the fourwhich is the name used to indicate AmazonAnd the appleAnd the The Google And the Half During one of the most exciting investigations of recent years, from which the tech giants emerged only partially defeated.

This time to shake things up – according to a recent report financial times – not less than UK Antitrustwhich seems to want to see clearly about the post the four inside a world Financethrough me Services Which products They have been presenting for some time.

At the moment, there is still no official accusation against one of the companies involved, but only the intent of the palace Deepening their participation in the financial sectorexploring who their main partners and competitors are and what their long-term views are on aspects such as financing, deposit management, insurance coverage and credit scoring.

The investigation will be conducted by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and will focus on the possibility that the tech giants have offered their users extremely advantageous conditions in the short term, only to prove that they are unfavorable in the long term, for example through exploitation. From its ecosystem of products and services that can keep them trapped.

According to the FCA, in fact, the tech giants could be in one Placing a clear advantage over traditional financial institutions, Since many users can turn to their services precisely because of the impossibility of obtaining credit from other realities, it will become very difficult competitor compared to those.

So it remains to be seen whether the investigations lead to more significant developments, that is, whether the FCA will find itself in a position to initiate formal charges against Apple, Amazon, Google and Meta. The interesting side of the story has to do with the fact that The authority behaves in a protective mannerWith many of the financial services being offered are not yet available in the UK, such as the Apple Card for the Cupertino home, this is an indication of how much attention is paid to the issue in particular.

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