Apple, a silent rise in the prices of the iPad, Air, mini and Pencil. But you can still save

Apple is taking advantage of the “confusion” created by introducing new products to Modify the prices of products already on the market. This already happened in September with the iPhone SE: the same product available for purchase a moment before the iPhone 14 event, and a while later it also costs 60 euros more.

this time Inflation shock and the ‘expensive chip’ cause even worse damageand the biggest push is the iPad mini, a product that’s still the one introduced in 2021 with the iPhone 13 that, with the same storage, colors and everything else, is subject to a contact increase. 130 euros.

The Facing the past It’s not the most fun. “Classic” iPad (the ninth generation that remained in the price list despite being introduced to the tenth), the mini, iPad Air, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard will not need a session with the wizard to find out the previous prices, but who at lunch, evaluated the purchase of a tablet Or an accessory, and at dinner he found himself at a price that went up for literally the same product that certainly wouldn’t stay good. Here are the increments and numbers on hand:

  • iPad 9th Gen:

    • 64 GB Wi-Fi only
      • Previous price: 389 euros
      • current price: 439 euros, +50 EUR
    • 256 GB Wi-Fi only
      • Previous price: 559 euros
      • current price: 639 euros, +80 EUR
  • iPad mini 6:
    • 64 GB Wi-Fi only
      • Previous price: 559 euros
      • current price: 659 euros, +100 EUR
    • 256 GB Wi-Fi only
      • Previous price: 729 euros
      • current price: 859 euros, +130 EUR
  • iPad Air 5:
    • 64 GB Wi-Fi only
      • Previous price: 699 euros
      • current price: 789 euros, +90 EUR
    • 256 GB Wi-Fi only
      • Previous price: 869 euros
      • current price: 989 euros, +120 EUR
  • apple pen:
    • January 1:
      • Previous price: 99 euros
      • current price: 119 euros, +20 EUR
    • second generation:
      • Previous price: 135 euros
      • current price: 149 euros, +14 EUR
  • Smart Keyboard 9th Generation:
    • Previous price: 179 euros
    • current price: 199 euros, +20 EUR.

However, for the hypothetical buyer who has seen prices jump by a hundred euros between lunch and dinner, we offer the outstretched hand Amazonwhich (at the time of writing) Keeping ‘lunch’ prices. Here they are, naturally limited to available products.

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