Android Auto, forced update cuts support for old smartphones

Since the launch of Android Auto, and we are now talking about the distant 2015, smartphones have evolved with it and as is usually the case in this sector, older phones have become incompatible with the passage of time. We started with the minimum requirements of Android 5.0, then asked for the next version of Google’s operating system as the minimum requirements, and so on until the beginning of this year, when Google changed Basic requirements for a smartphone, which requires at least Android 8.0 (and later versions).

So far no problem for those who are old and unable to update to the required versions, but now Google has now started to enforce its latest policy by blocking incompatible phones from accessing Android Auto. Of course, we are talking about the version of connected screens and compatible cars, not the smartphone version that disappeared long ago. In the past few weeks, people using Android Auto 7.0 to 7.7 on their smartphones have noticed a popup in the app asking them to perform an update to use the feature.

However, people who have an Android smartphone before Android 8.0 can’t update the app, because Android Auto 7.4 is the latest version of the app compatible with these devices, so they can’t access or update the app to the new version. He said plainly and simply, Smartphones with an Android version prior to Android 8.0 will not be able to access Android Auto.

If you are in the 15% who are still using Android 7.0 and earlier versions of the operating system, there are two basic solutions: update if possible, or change the smartphone with a new one that is compatible with the latest Android versions.

The percentage should actually be much lower since it is very difficult for an Android Auto compatible car owner to use such an old smartphone, however it is not impossible and therefore it is good to point out. while, Google is working on the ‘Coolwalk’ project for Android Autowhich is a significant redesign of the platform and is expected to arrive soon.

The latest version of Android Auto is 8.0 and was released in August of this year, but there is already talk of a major redesign codenamed Coolwalk, which should lead to a complete overhaul of the platform. The timing of the arrival is unknown, but it is rumored that development work is already underway, so it shouldn’t be several months before we learn more.

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