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After the model was presented in mid-September, the new Kindle Scribe has also arrived, and for those who haven’t followed the rumors of the past months, it’s a very complete and awaited product, as it is able to combine the pleasure of reading with that of writing. Let’s start right away with the most interesting news, as the device adopts for the first time a Paperwhite screen from 10.2 inches to 300 ppi, in line with the characteristics of the latest Kindle device. In terms of dimensions, the Kindle Scribe is very discreet and is only 5.8mm thick. The screen is equipped with anti-glare technology and front light for night reading, allowing you to have an optimal reading and writing experience that is very close to that of a pencil on paper. Kindle Scribe is designed to read and take notes on books, add notes to documents, write journals, and more. In this regard, the pen (which does not require refilling) is available in two options: Basic and Premium. Both offer excellent accuracy and natural writing, and they have different width strokes, a highlighter, an eraser, and an undo tool, all of which can be easily accessed from the onscreen writing menu. The Premium Pen differs in that it also includes a special eraser on the top and a customizable shortcut button, with which you can select the function of the eraser or highlighter, or create a new sticky note. A number of templates are also available, including to-do lists for keeping track of tasks and lined paper for annotations during meetings. All laptops are automatically saved, backed up for free in the cloud and, starting in the beginning of 2023, also accessible via the Kindle app. Thanks to the Send-to-Kindle function, it is possible to import personal documents to Kindle Scribe from a computer or smartphone and write directly to PDFs, and sticky notes can be uploaded and written manually inside Microsoft Word documents, web articles and more. Document formats, choice of font size and layout. From the beginning of 2023 there will also be another novelty, in fact it will be possible to send documents to Kindle Scribe directly from Microsoft Word. Huge choice: With an unparalleled content library, Kindle stores around the world offer more than 13 million titles, including millions of non-fiction books. Kindle Unlimited: With a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you get unlimited access to millions of titles, including novels, detective stories, comics, current events, non-fiction and community books, recently added to the program. For a limited time, eligible customers who purchase Kindle Scribe can get a free trial for 4 months of use if they sign up for Kindle Unlimited 1 while setting up the device. Free Reading for Prime Members: Prime customers can access a revolving catalog of select e-books and more. The freedom to read and listen on any device with the Kindle app. Access to a diverse group of authors: Millions of self-published authors around the world use Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to share stories and build successful careers. Self-publishing through KDP gives authors more choices on how to reach millions of readers around the world with their books. Kindle Scribe is available for pre-order starting today starting at €369 and shipments will begin in the coming months. It can be selected in tungsten gray with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB storage, as shown above with a Basic or Premium stylus pen, and new leather, premium leather and fabric covers will be available in a variety of soon.

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