Amazon Halo Lift the smart alarm that monitors our sleep from the bedside table

Among all the news that Amazon announced yesterday — Kindle Scribe, Echo Dot, Studio and much more — there is one very special dedicated to our well-being: it’s called the Halo Rise and it’s a tracker designed to make us sleep better. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is not a wearable device, but a solution that is placed close to us, perhaps on the bedside table. A series of low-powered radar sensors backed by machine learning will run cautiously to analyze the rest. The device is equipped with a digital clock, a LED semicircle, a small alarm speaker, environmental sensors and a keychain to activate the various integrated functions and to adjust the product. It’s made of 100% recycled aluminum and has no microphones or video cameras.Breathing, Motion, and Environment Halo Rise studies breathing and body movements while you sleep, and doesn’t even need to be activated once you start working as soon as we start going to bed. Once you wake up, you will receive a detailed report, including a graph showing the time of each sleep stage (REM, light, deep). Great importance is placed on the environment in which you sleep: Halo Rise analyzes temperature, humidity and light, and provides indicators via the app to improve the situation. The moment you wake up is also key, which is why the device simulates the sunrise with a gradual light and sounds the alarm at the best time based on your sleep stage. Alexa’s contribution could not be missing, since you can directly ask how you slept during the night, and receive all the necessary information to get a complete picture. With your Echo device, you can also ask the virtual assistant to wake you up to your favorite song in sync with the Halo Rise smart alarm. Through the Amazon Halo app, subscribers to the service will have access to a series of exclusive features related to sleep, meditation and exercise. In addition, through the smartphone camera and the app, they will be able to take advantage of computer vision and machine learning in Movement Health to receive advice on how to improve their situation. A series of recipes will then allow the user to improve their diet. Special attention is paid to privacy: Halo Rise can be put on standby so you won’t detect anything at night (but it has no microphones and no cameras to remember), plus all data collected is encrypted and cannot be used for marketing. The US price is $139.99, and the device is available with a 6-month Halo subscription. It is expected to be available by the end of the year.

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