Amazon fires 10,000 employees The Wall Street Journal

Amazon will launch About 3% of the company’s workforce, and about 1% of the employees are distributed here and there in the world, a hip bonehourly employee counting, More than a million and a half of HR that may actually find themselves this week dealing with 10,000 defections. It is the impact of the crisis that has hit the high-tech sector since the invasion of Ukraine for various reasons.

Jeff Bezos declined to comment on the indiscretion, but the New York Times is pretty sure about what you’re writing and the fact that The first contacts should start already in a week. According to the American newspaper, the affected sectors will be products, which also include Alexa and the retail division as well as human resources. The total number of discounts will be “liquid”so subject to differences, but for now we’re talking about About 10 thousand employees.

Amazon, like many other small and large companies, is not having a good time. The news of mass layoffs comes only a few days after the giant banned hiring, and in the past some projects that would not have given immediate economic results had resources slashed, and in some cases stopped to zero. I’m an example Amazon Careor health program or searchlightrobot for semi-autonomous deliveries.

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