Amazon Echo Dot and Echo Studio, a new generation loud | the prices

The news with Kindle Scribe does not end, as today Amazon announced the new generation of Echo Dot and Echo Dot with the watch, as well as an improved version from an audio point of view and customized in Echo Studio functionality. But it’s not just new products, Amazon has actually reported that its 4th generation Echo and Echo Dot models will be updated to act as a network extender in Amazon Eero systems. But let’s move on to the novelties in the catalog, starting with the new Echo Dot in both variants. New Echo Dots, Stronger Yet New Echo Dots are more powerful than ever and feature improved audio, an all-new temperature sensor, gesture controls, and even better LED displays. Let’s start with the completely redesigned audio setup, which now features a dedicated full-range tweeter with high flight. This results in better performance in an acoustic stage configuration, crisp highs and up to twice as deep bass than the previous generation. All while maintaining the same spherical and compact design. Both the Echo Dot and the Echo Dot with clock are equipped with new sensors that provide a more contextual experience with Alexa, such as the ability to set a routine to turn on the air conditioner automatically when the room reaches a certain temperature. Enable some gesture controls, such as the ability to touch the top to pause or resume audio content, disable timers, or end a call. For the Echo Dot with clock, as expected above, there is an update of LEDs that now offer a higher density, of 5×21 dots, providing a more dynamic and clearer way to display information. Thanks to this change, it will now be possible to see, in addition to the time, a song title or artist name, weather, a calculation and more. The new Echo Dot will be available in the new Midnight Blue and the classic colours, Anthracite and Ice White, priced at €59.99. The Echo Dot will be available with the watch in pale blue and icy white for €69.99. Both products are already available for pre-order, but shipments will begin in October 2022. ECHO STUDIO, NOW WITH AUDIO AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL If the Echo Studio sounded great before then, thanks to improved audio technology and spatial sound processing, it will also perform more in every frequency range. Let’s start with the first novelty, custom spatial sound processing technology, which is designed like other well-known solutions to improve stereo sound, making soundtracks and movies reach the listener with greater clarity and intensity. The goal is to try to simulate the performance of a hi-fi system in the best possible way, thus providing greater centralization of audio performance and more scenery for stereo-animated instruments, thus creating a more enveloping and more harmonious audio experience with the artist’s intent Thanks to the bandwidth-extension technology, it greatly improves the overall performance , whether from the more defined mid-range, or the bass which is now fuller and deeper. These updates add to the existing Echo Studio support for Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio. The Echo Studio will be available starting next month in the new Ice White color, while the classic Anthracite color is already available on Amazon for €199.

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