Already the time of the Moto X40 with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2: the first clues from Motorola

Almost a year after the Moto X30 series was introduced (The opening image of the Moto X30 Pro), Motorola is preparing to launch the new device Moto X40 rangeaccording to a recent Weibo post by Chen JinGeneral Manager of Lenovo Group for the Lenovo China Mobile Business Division.

The post in question does not anticipate the characteristics of the smartphone but is intended to start opening up the discussion at the next top of the range, given that Jin has Users asked what to expect from the new Moto X40to confirm the name to be used for the new string.

While we wait to find out the peculiarities of the Moto X40, we can assume with reasonable confidence that the smartphone will be equipped with the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, or the chip that we will find at the top of the upcoming range. next season. In addition, a recent insight into the 3C Chinese certification body revealed the existence of the new device XT2301-5which is what the Moto X40 should be, confirming that the device will be equipped with 5G connectivity and a 68W fast charging system.

Among other supposed features, we talk about the display OLED With refresh rate a 165 Hz8/12 GB of RAM, a Front camera 60 mega pixel And the Two 50 megapixel background (main and wide angle), accompanied by a 12MP panels. In short, the specs picture are particularly rich and interesting, but now it’s time to wait for more official information so you can complete it.

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