Alpine A110 R, light and extreme for speed on the track

The Alpine A110 R is designed to act as a lightning bolt across the curves of the track, while being used for road use. We’re talking about the most extreme version of the A110 range that was designed with the world of motorsports in mind. The future of the A110, as we know, is electric. Meanwhile, Alpine wanted to offer its customers this new model that offers extremely high performance. The new Alpine A110 R will be available to order from November 2022. Pricing has not yet been announced. Inspired by FORMULA 1 to develop this sports car, Alpine relied heavily on its experience in Formula 1. In fact, the aerodynamics are good – kept and defined using the wind tunnel exploited by the Alpine F1 team. In the rear we find the new airfoil. In addition, the flat bottom and diffuser were modified. The A110 R has higher rear downforce than the A110 S Kit Aero, with a 29kg improvement in top speed, resulting in improved balance in fast corners. To improve high-speed stability and track efficiency, the front features the same carbon blade as the A110 S, but with air intake shutters integrated into the fender. The presence of the shutters increases the aerodynamic load by 14 kg. On this model, there are also carbon fiber specific side rims to extend the flat bottom outward. With this work, Alpine was able not only to increase the payload of its sports car but also to reduce drag by 5% (in track mode), allowing it to reach a top speed of 285 km / h. I worked on aerodynamics to make the new A110 R very fast, and in fact, I also focused on losing weight. Thanks to the use of carbon fiber inside and out, the new sports car weighs just 1,082 kg, or 34 kg less than the A110 S. The new A110 R tires are also made entirely of carbon. It was designed with a triple goal: to improve the car’s performance thanks to its lighter weight, to improve aerodynamics, and also to cool the brakes. Thanks to this work, the car can count on a weight / power ratio of 3.6 kg / hp. Engine and performance The heart of the new Alpine A110 R is a 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. This unit is capable of delivering 300 hp with a torque of 340 Nm. Rear traction. The maximum speed, as already mentioned, reaches 285 km / h, while it takes 3.9 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km / h. 1000 meters of standing start is covered in 21.9 seconds. There are three customizable driving modes: Normal, Sport, and Track. Depending on the selected mode, throttle and engine response, power steering sensitivity, gear shift management and ESC shift sensitivity. The sports car also features a new and exclusive exhaust system that enhances the engine sound. The high-performance Brembo braking system on the new A110 R consists of 320mm bi-material discs at the front and rear. It also has an advanced cooling system in light of track use, and the new Alpine A110 R is fitted as standard with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 semi-skid tires of 215/40 R18 at the front and 245/40 R18 at the rear. A lot of work has also been done on the setup. The ground clearance has been reduced by 10 mm compared to the A110 S. Thanks to the adjustable shock absorbers, the height can be reduced by an additional 10 mm. The anti-roll bars have an increased stiffness of 10% in the front and 25% in the rear compared to the A110 S. The suspension springs have also been strengthened by 10%. Weight/power ratio: 3.6 kg/hp 0 to 100 km/h: in 3.9 seconds 340 Nm of torque 2400 to 6000 rpm Top speed: 285 km/h Tire: calibrated springs, anti-skew bars, geometry Specific axle, 10% stiffer coil springs, Selected stabilizer bar, Adjustable spring/shock absorber ratio, Ground clearance reduced by 10mm with additional 10mm lower on track Empty weight in operating arrangement: 1,082 kg Sports exhaust system High-performance Brembo brakes, 320mm dual-material discs at the front and 18-inch full carbon rear wheels, semi-skid tires 215/40 R18 Michelin pilot Sport Cup 2 in the front and 2 45/40 R18 in the rear Sabelt Track monocoque adjustable seats Two-way driver with black carbon fiber-blend upholstery – fine and gray stitching.

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