Alfa Romeo Stelvio, development work continues on the redesign

Alfa Romeo Stelvio is coming soon get a makeover Which will slightly revise the appearance of the SUV, as well as introduce some new electronics, and possibly the engine. Posted by Walter Fire Social Channels New Spy Pictures A forklift of the new SUV works on the road during classic development tests.

Pictures show a limited camouflage Mainly in the headlights area. This is a sign that the redesign can only introduce tweaks to the appearance in detail. From what you can see, it looks like the Stelvio will be able to rely on Tonale-style headlights, as well as lighter grille modifications. On the other hand, the taillights seem to have new graphics.

For the rest, there don’t seem to be any other significant changes. However, as is often the case with layoffs, it can come New car body colors And alloy wheels with a new design. Chassis and setup improvements must also be made to improve driving dynamics. The new pictures do not show the inside. However, some innovations related to digital devices and infotainment should be introduced.

With the redesign, Alfa Romeo should have modernized and improved the ADAS systems. As for the engines, there is also talk of the introduction of new light hybrid units. However, no major changes should come.

Overall, it looks like the restyling won’t upset the car but will only make small improvements to make the SUV competitive in the market for a few more years. An official appearance shouldn’t be far away. Therefore, soon we will finally be able to discover all the innovations that Alfa Romeo intends to bring to the Stelvio with the redesign.

[Foto spia: Walter Vayr]

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