Alfa Romeo Giulia, work continues on the restyling: new spy photos

Car Spy Pictures Show completely disguised. However, the restyling should not lead to any distortion in the appearance of the car, but should only lead to a series of improvements. On the front end, new headlights inspired by those on the Tonale should arrive, as well as some small tweaks to the grille and bumper. However, Alfa Romeo was supposed to introduce new headlights and some other minor changes to the bumper.

There should also be new colors and alloy wheels with a new design as is often the case when redesigns come out. It is possible that the Italian brand has also made some improvements to the setup to further improve the drivability of its sedan. More news should reach the interior of the car, especially regarding the technology side with the introduction of digital devices Derivation of Tonale. Nor should there be any news about information and entertainment.

As for the engines, it has been speculated for some time that the new Mild Hybrid units might arrive. In any case, no major changes to the engine range are expected. Finally, with the redesign, they should debut Also new ADAS systems. At this point, all that remains is to wait for news from the manufacturer about the offer of restyling Giulia.

[Foto spia: Walter Vayr]

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