Alexa Smart Properties arrives in Italian nursing homes: only voice is enough for the elderly

Amazon announced the arrival of Alexa smart features for the elderlyAnd the The solution that allows retirement homes to integrate the Alexa voice assistant within structures. Elsewhere it is also available to hospitals, in Italy at the moment it is restricted to nursing homes. Alexa Smart Properties is specifically designed to meet the needs of the elderly and their caregivers, enabling nursing home residents to stay connected, informed, and entertained, simply by asking Alexa.

utility It’s no mean feat for guests to be able to Ease of contact with loved ones Thanks to Alexa-to-Alexa calls and seeing each other via video call through smartphones or Echo systems. Alexa Smart Properties can also help property managers personalize residents’ experiences and assist them with various daily activities, for example by displaying tasks, lists and reminders through Echo Displays.

In addition, RSA employees communicate more efficiently With guests using Alexa functionality, then make announcements and voice and video calls to other Alexa-enabled devices in the facility. With Alexa Smart Properties, retirement homeowners can create their own homes More independent caregivers Through Alexa smart home functions, such as smart lights, plugs, shutter control or thermostats, allowing seniors to control the environment they live in with a simple voice, saving staff time.

Alexa smart features for senior living will be available soon RSA Mother Teresa of Calcutta in Sarizo, in Brescia, and is operated by Kursana Italia which is Dussman Italy. And only Renato Santinone, Director of Planning and Innovation Control in Dussmann, Italy, declared:

We have always worked hard to ensure that our guests can live their lives to the fullest. Technology has played a major role. The use of Alexa Smart Properties will allow the elderly to improve their quality of life within the structures of Kursana Italia. It is an easy-to-use solution capable of not only entertaining our guests but also keeping them in touch with their families at all times.

about the TotalAmazon guarantees it No personal information is shared With Alexa and voice recordings are not saved. All Amazon Echo devices offer different levels of privacy protection, and device users at RSA can also disable Alexa’s reply to alert words feature at any time by simply pressing the microphone mute button on top of the Echo device..

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