Alexa changes the voice: Here’s how to do it from Echo and the app

Amazon Announcing a novelty about the Alexa virtual assistant: from today it will be possible in reality Also in Italy Choose from the original item and one Unpublished with a masculine tone. Operating Echo devices – including the very new generation Dot and Studio – is very simple, just say “Alexa, change your voiceAnd that’s it, and it should be noted that the activation words Alexa, Computer, Echo, and Amazon can be used in both cases.

What if we changed our voice, missed our dear old native Alexa? Not a problem, Our choice is retroactive and can be changed again: Indeed, it is enough to formulate the question again “Alexa, change your voice“And everything will return as it was before. In other words, the same given arrangement works in one direction or another – at least as long as there are two sounds.

If you want to set the new item or go back to the original instead Via the Alexa app Installed on our smartphone, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Alexa app installed on your smartphone
  • Select Devices (below)
  • Select the Echo device you want to change the sound to or restore from your favorites or, alternatively, select all devices and tap on the desired Echo device
  • Open the Settings menu from the top right gear
  • Scroll down to Alexa Voice
  • Select original or new

If you want to try changing the Alexa voice, all you have to do is proceed directly from your Echo device or via the app. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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