Aiways U6, here’s the new electric SUV with 400 kilometers of autonomy

Aiways U6, the new electric SUV coupe Officially for the first time in Europe. After a concept car and a series of previews, the Chinese brand has officially introduced this new battery-powered vehicle that will be imported and marketed in Italy. From the Koelliker Group. The price hasn’t been reported but it shouldn’t differ much from the price of the U5 SUV we actually had a chance to try. Therefore, it should start from about 43-44 thousand euros. More information will certainly come with the pre-launch phase of the new model expected towards the end of the year.

Interior design and decoration

The design is certainly no surprise as the Chinese brand has already said several things. Moreover, we remind you that the Chinese market model has already been revealed for quite some time. Overall, this electric coupe SUV features muscular aspects and sharp shapes.

The front is distinguished by two horizontal elements. The upper zone is defined by the design of the light clusters, while the lower zone features large air intakes for cooling that include a system of fins that can About to benefit from better aerodynamics. However, in the rear we find a spoiler and optical clusters connected to each other by a thin LED strip.

And speaking of aerodynamics, the Aiways U6 His Cx 0.248, less than 0.29 of the U5 electric SUV. 20 inch alloy wheels. Aiways U6 Measures 4,805 mm long x 1,880 mm wide x 1,641 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,800 mm. The luggage compartment capacity is 472 liters which rises to 1,260 liters by folding the backrests of the rear seat. The weight of the empty car – 1790 kg.

Speaking of the interior, the design is minimal with the physical controls kept to a minimum. The main functions are managed through the infotainment system that contains 14.6 inch large touch screen Based on Android Automotive platform. Obviously, there is support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Behind the steering wheel we find an 8.2-inch screen for digital devices.

The electric SUV can be managed remotely through a smartphone app. Provide OTA updates.

Engine and safety

The new Aiways U6 Electric Coupe SUV features a single electric motor with a single engine Power 160 kW with 315 Nm of torque. traction in the foreground. Speaking of performance, the The maximum speed is up to 160 km/hWhile it takes 6.9 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km / h.

To run a full 63 kWh battery from CATL that allows Autonomy of up to 400 km According to the WLTP cycle. The boat can be recharged with DC up to 90 kW. alternating current up to 11 kW. Speaking of safety, we find driving aids such as adaptive cruise control, emergency braking and Blind Spot Assist.

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