AirDrop, the 10-minute lead time tested in China can be served anywhere

what was born Fit for quick sharing of photos And documents among protesters in China, who used the service to circumvent the country’s censorship measures, may now be close. Find a worldwide introduction.

This can be seen from a report released during the last day by Bloomberg regarding the latest versions of the operating system, namely iOS 16.1.1 and the iOS 16.2 developer beta, which Apple may add soon. Ten minutes limit on sharing material via AirDrop Imitating the Chinese decision and effectively castrating the “everyone” status, thus with a specific reference to the open job, leaving aside those related to sharing with our contacts.

Leaving AirDrop set to “Everyone” means that anyone within an Apple user’s range can wirelessly send files to everyone, unlike Contacts Only, which affects our personal network. The device will then present a popup asking the user to accept or decline the file sharing request.

Protesters have used this action to their advantage many times in the past. This happened in 2019, for example, when Hong Kong protesters allegedly used AirDrop to distribute digital brochures regarding an extradition bill.

In recent weeks, Apple has been at the center of a hurricane of several controversial decisions, including those related to user privacy. For example, it’s recent news that researchers have noticed that the Cupertino company has been tracking clicks while browsing the App Store since May 2021, after the introduction of iOS 14.6. More details on this issue in our original news.

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