Airbnb announces more comparable rates: total stay on arrival

Airbnb He is preparing for a small change that will improve the experience on the app, especially for those who have thought and thought that sometimes the prices are not very transparent. In fact, while searching for accommodation, even after the basic update in May, the cost per night is shown, and there is no way to get the total price which is also determined by the cleaning and service costs (ie. Airbnb ratio), plus taxes and living costs .

CEO Brian Chesky announced on Twitter that some Cure news: Starting next month […] you will see the Total price of stay (excluding taxes) in search results, on the map, in the price filter and on the host page, even if desired Cost including taxes, deductions, etc.”. novelty allow Compare different accommodations on equal termsso the cleaning costs, which vary from one structure to another, or extras for any guest, so as to increase the transparency of the platform and prevent someone from touching the button the book Totally shook.

“we stay Also modify the algorithm Look to prioritize the total price rather than the nightly rate. Accommodations with the highest ratings and the most beneficial overall price will be higher in search results.”. Chesky mentions the origins of Airbnb, a platform created to offer accommodations cheaper than hotels. Now, 15 years later, the platform also hosts upscale and exclusive accommodations, at sometimes higher costs than hotels, but we don’t forget where we started: “In this difficult time – he wrote – we must help our hosts deliver the most value possible.”

So, with the upcoming update, Airbnb will help property managers set more competitive rates thanks to new tools for setting discounts and final prices. finally Advice for hosts: “You shouldn’t expect [per il cliente] subordinate Unreasonable obligations When going out, such as taking off the sheets, washing or vacuuming. Better homework for anyone to do before leaving the house, turning off the lights or closing the door. So if the host has specific requests to checkout, it is best, and most reasonable, to indicate this before the client books”.

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