AI creates images of non-existent employees: this is how the company’s ‘About’ page is filled out

We will at some point have a look at the page.”who are we“For a company to get a more accurate idea of ​​the organization, and maybe also to test the seriousness and the level of reliability in a certain sense. Well, you have to be careful because it seems that Team – or he staffcall it what you want – it could be invented from scratch.

Of course, presenting yourself with photos of the people who work for the company – perhaps with a good look and a reassuring face – can be a good business card, but if it turns out that there are many cases where we turn to artificial intelligence to invent everything … then the confidence is certainly lower.

Informa Systems has a really full staff. It is a pity that all these employees are the fruit of the imagination of artificial intelligence …

interested in trade Discover a number of companies that rely on software Generative adversarial network (Jan) to create (fake) pictures of (fake) people “working for us”, so from Giving the impression that employees are crowded and that the company has a solid structure. The suspicion came when we analyzed photos of people with just one earring or even shaving the face… in half.

The director of an Austrian company who used this ploy admitted that he did so.We inform you that it is a wonderful company of professionals“After a few months all the photos were gone and the organization even changed its name.

scam? Partially, yes, but with this you don’t want to steal anyone’s identity but simply show yourself bigger and stronger than you really are. “It is designed to impersonate everyone, to imitate the basics of the human side with increasing sincerity”, explains Evan Ratliff of Insider. The better AI (and here we can cite many cases), the more likely this type of solution will spread.

And so from a fake work a real work is born: in fact, facts multiply Who deal with finding fake photos on corporate websites.

Opening image credits: Pixabay

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