Agreement between Industria Italiana Autobus and CaetanoBus for fuel cell buses in Italy

fuel cell technology It is slowly being applied in commercial vehicles and transportation such as buses. In these sectors, this power supply solution is beginning to break into its own space. In connection with this topic comes interesting news related to Italy. In fact, Italian Bus Industry (IIA) Portugal’s CaetanoBus has signed an agreement to start production and marketing of hydrogen city buses in Italy.

These tools will be able to rely on Toyota fuel cell technology and on the H2.City Power Kit system developed by CaetanoBus.

According to what was reported, as early as the end of 2022, Industria Italiana Autobus will be able to start selling hydrogen vehicles produced under the dual brand CaetanoBus with Toyota. Instead, from 2024 it will start direct production of buses destined for the Italian and international markets equipped with the H2.City Power range developed by CaetanoBus.

Remember that the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) is a file The main Italian manufacturer by bus. For CaetanoBus, this partnership represents an important step into entering another European market, with continued growth in the adoption of sustainable ways to transport people.

Therefore, the project is very interesting on paper because it allows to exploit what has been developed over the years by Toyota, which, as is known, is a strong believer in hydrogen technology. In addition, the buses will be able to take advantage of the battery, tank and power management system developed by the Portuguese company. Patricia VasconcelosCaetanobus CEO, commented:

With regard to mobility, Italy is a country that has tried to adopt measures aimed at decarbonizing the economy, with special attention to cities, in line with current trends aimed at environmental sustainability. The Institute of Internal Auditors is the perfect partner because we share the same vision of helping build a zero-emissions society through our joint innovations.

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