Abarth 500 electric sports car spy photos

Abarth He’s working on his first electric car which, as we know, will be based on the Fiat 500 electric car. We’ve talked about this model many times in the past. Now, it has been published through social networks spy photo which illustrates the electric future of the Abarth 500.

The picture allows you to appreciate Just in front of the car But the interesting thing is that there is no camouflage. Therefore, the photo should show the final (or almost) front end of the small electric sports car. Although we can’t see other parts of the car, there are still some fun things to see. In fact, it is already possible to notice some of the aesthetic changes brought about by the Abarth Electric 500.

For example, we can see the scorpion logo centrally and just below the Abarth lettering. There did not appear to be any differences with respect to the visual groups. However, the bumper front has been deeply revised with new center and side air intakes.

However, we should expect a comprehensive toolkit that will make the 500 electric motor even more powerful.

Unfortunately, there are no exact technical specifications yet. The electric motor will definitely be modified for Get much higher strength to the current. In the past there was talk of a power between 170 and 200 hp.

If the current 42 kWh battery pack is maintained, the mileage is expected to be shorter than the model on sale today. Obviously it won’t fail specific setting To make the car more efficient around curves. We also remember that for its first electric car, Abarth decided to Develop a special sound. For this reason, the brand has in the past requested the cooperation of its community.

When will the new electric Abarth 500 debut? There is no official date yet, but there is talk of a period between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

[Foto spia: roadcar19]

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