A handmade foldable iPhone appears on the video: There is a genius

There is a video playing on the net that supposedly shows what we can actually identify The first foldable iPhone in history. But would it really be so? This site was found for the first time 9to5Mac And at first glance, it looks impressive, especially because not only the alleged iPhone is shown, but also the idea behind the construction process.

The video apparently shows the hinge modified iPhones used by the recent Motorola Razr 2022. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a foldable smartphone inspired by the original Flip Phone, which also reminds us of Samsung’s most popular Galaxy Z Flip 4. As you will see in the clip, the end result can be seen from different points of view: on the other hand, it is terrible, because it appears as an obvious force inconvenient for this use, and in fact the show seems to be compelled to introvert, as if it were to break at any moment. On the other hand, the wonderful work that has been done, albeit useless in reality, is still commendable.

We know Apple doesn’t want to escape the foldable trend and in its R&D centers there’s definitely something brewing, but recent rumors are gravitating more aggressively toward the first device that won’t be a foldable iPhone, but most likely an iPad. While waiting to find out more, we leave you to watch the amazing video and at the same time ask you for your opinion on this matter.

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