A fine of 1.5 million euros fined by the Italian antitrust

AGCM, the Italian antitrust body, has Vinted punished for unfair trading: The fine is set at 1.5 million euros. In short, many Vinted advertising campaigns promised zero commissions, while, according to the authorities, the reality was not quite like this: shipping costs and commissions to protect purchases were actually added to the price of the object. Moreover, these additional costs are not immediately apparent in a clear and complete manner immediately, so when a product appears on the search results page or on the home page.

The AGCM says this type of practice continues at least as of December 2020 and is in violation of Sections 20, 21 and 22 of the Consumer Code. In addition to the fine, Vinted usually has to provide power Guidance on how to correct violations within 60 days from notification.

Vinted is I was born 14 years ago in Lithuania As a second-hand clothing market, it has expanded to various European countries and since 2010 is also active in the United States. Over time, it has established itself as a platform not just for clothing, but for everything that can be defined as vintage and collectible – books, electronic comics, backlit consoles, games and much more. We have contacted the company for a statement of what has happened and will notify you if there are updates.

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