A closer look at the Panasonic LZ2000 | Follow the live broadcast

Panasonic’s new range of 2022 TVs has been a long time coming, but a few days ago it started distribution in stores. Of particular interest is the new OLED series, all of which are equipped with LG Display’s latest “OLED.EX” WRGB panels. But as always, it is the technical know-how and electronics that Japanese multinationals have that make the difference.

We just tested the 55-inch LZ1500, which we can consider to be among the best TVs on the market and today – at 15.30 – We invite you to follow the live broadcast dedicated to the top of the LZ2000 range equipped with built-in Atmos speakerswith the possibility of deepening the details of the new line and satisfying all curiosities.

During the live broadcast he will be with us too Aster Molika, Marketing Specialist at Panasonic ItalyWhich will help us discover all the news and answer your questions.

Live broadcast is over! Thank you for joining us.

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