7 Best Logo Generators To Try In 2020

A logo is the face of your business, and if you want to have a brand identity you need to create a unique and special logo for your business.

A logo is a consistent part of your business, and creating a professional logo for your business helps you stand out in the crowd. It also helps you make an identity for yourself and your business.

The designing of a logo is a hard and complex process, whether you go for a simple or a complex design.

It is hard to design a logo because it is not only the face of your business; it is the voice of your business too, and it delivers your message, goals, and mission to the entire world.

Thus, you have to be careful while creating a logo. Give focus to the principles, and remember a logo is of three types:

  • Text only like Google
  • Visual only like apple
  • Text and visual both, like Target, the supermarket brand of America.

For new brands, the first two types of logos work best. But if your brand already is popular, you can go for the last one too.

To create a deserving logo, you have to remember to make a logo that is simple, easy to understand, memorable, and flexible.

Another thing you need to have to create a long-lasting logo is a logo-making tool. Don’t know any? We have a list of seven logo-making tools that will help you out in the year 2020.

Let’s take a look at these logos:


Placeit is one of the best logo making tools that can help you create a logo in simple steps.

You only have to write the name of your business, and numerous logo designs will come up that does justice to your business and brand.

All you have to do is pick the one that you like the best and edit it, or customize it according to your brand.

To download a logo made by Placeit, you have to pay $39.95, or if you are a subscriber, the price will be $19.97.


Canva is one of the top graphic designing tools that you can use to create logos, edit your image, or find different elements from the graphics library.

You can use an inbuilt template or design a logo from scratch using Canva.

You can download the logo in PDF, JPEG, and PNG format. It has a free plan while the paid version is $12.95.

To download a high-quality logo image, you will have to pay $1/image.

Adobe Illustrator

 It is still one of the biggest names within the designing industry. It is more professional and big designers use this tool.

It has lots of features that give you control over your logo design and create it in a way that you deem perfect.

It is a bit overwhelming to use for a beginner, or for someone who doesn’t have a background in designing.

But otherwise, it is one of the best professionals making logo tools.

Its price is $20.99/month.

Logo maker

If you don’t have much knowledge or experience in designing and you want a quick logo, this tool is perfect for you.

It has over 10,000 images and icons that you can choose for your logo.

Customization to a template is limited to text, fonts, and colors only.

To download the original logo, you need to pay $39.99.

Wix logo maker

It is a free browser-based logo making tool. It lets you create a customized and high-quality logo within minutes.

First, create an account, and after that type the name of your business, and the tool will generate numerous logos for you.

If you want to customize the logo, you can. You can narrow the options by telling the tool if you want a tagline, or what your intent is, and so on.

You can download the logo for free, and it has two plans- basic for $12.99 and premium for $49.99.

Graphic springs logo creator

This tool is one of the most powerful logos creating tools as it provides numerous customization options to you.

The features it has are the same as most professional editing or designing tools have.

It also has a team of designer, and you can hire one of them to create your logo. To download the logo, you have to pay $19.99.


Looka is a premium designing tool that looks at your preferences and uses an AI to create your design.

It uses an AI algorithm to finalize logo designs a user can like based on the user’s text, color, or text preferences.

It doesn’t have much scope for customization, and it charges $20 for a single copy of your logo in high-resolution and $65 for multiple copies.

Which one you liked the most for your logo requirements and why? Hit me in the comments below.

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