5G in the world: TIM and WindTre in the Opensignal rankings, the others are doing well

Opensignal once again brought together operators and operators from all over the world, and the four companies operating in Italy with their own infrastructure did not do badly. Iliad has grown a lot compared to 2021 in terms of coverage (more than Vodafone), and TIM is still among the operators in the world that make customers travel faster even if they lose their European leadership compared to last year, “Others have grown in different ways, WindTre ranks Top 20 all-time in terms of network availability and in the all-time top 30 in terms of coverage Good booty. In absolute terms, the global winners include operators each from Sweden and South Korea and one each for the US, Slovenia and Israel We remind you that Opensignal’s measurements come from tests that Users make it on the app, so the ‘picture’ is approximate: although it’s one of the most accurate measurements, it’s certainly not strict or scientific.Find the full report at the link at SOURCE.

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